Who We Are

PrincetonPeriod.org is an initiative of the Princeton Cornerstone Community Kitchen (PCCK).

PCCK  began in 2012 as a non-sectarian ministry of the Princeton United Methodist ChurchOver the years, PCCK has provided more than 25,000 meals to guests of our weekly, no-questions-asked free dinners. We continue to grow and are further meeting the needs of our neighbors through the introduction of several new programs.

These new efforts allow PCCK to expand our ability to address food insecurity, clothing needs, basic health screening and more. We continually look for new ways to assist those in need in our community.  

We were surprised to learn – as you may be – that many girls and women with limited resources in our community struggle to obtain the feminine hygiene products they need every month.  

This can result in discomfort, embarrassment, inability to attend school or work, and even possible health problems like toxic shock syndrome (Resources).  And the costs add up quickly, as you’ll see here.

Girls in school who unexpectedly need a tampon or pad may have to take the dreaded "walk of shame" - the trek down to the nurse's office where there is only a limited supply of products available.  With your help, we can make this go away.


Monica Rosado, owner of Fit Body Boot Camps in Princeton & South Brunswick, with some of the products donated by their clients

What We Do

It’s very simple: we request donations of a variety of tampons and pads (especially individually-wrapped pads of any size and style) - and we also welcome your monetary donations so we can purchase what we need.  We make these items available in four ways:

Just as there is no single, central location to distribute food, clothing and other resources in this community (and most others), we want to make these products easily available in a convenient, private, dignified ways.

Judy Miller, PCCK Board member and Clothing Store manager, shows off a display of donated products.

PACE Center PPP progject Jan 28 2019.jpg

Princeton University's PACE Center for Civic Engagement sponsored event for students and staff to learn about period poverty and pack hygiene kits for PCCK clients using supplies donated on campus during the January 2019 "Month of Service"