We deeply appreciate your one-time donations of products, and your contributions by check/credit card.


BUT - the girls and women need what we provide every month.  Will you help us help them?

Two ways to do this:

1. Set up an autopay from your online banking account.  Go to your financial institution bill pay center online and set up a new payment to:

Princeton Cornerstone Kitchen - PPP

Princeton United Methodist Church

7 Vandeventer Ave.

Princeton, NJ 08540

2. Go to our donation page and sign up for a monthly charge to your credit card.

For autopay or recurring credit card donations:

$25/month helps two girls or women

$50/month helps four girls or women

Donate more to help more!

You choose the amount (minimum $25/month please) and the frequency - when we get your check, you'll get an acknowledgement letter for your files.

A Small Favor Please:

If you choose to set up a monthly donation of any kind, please email us and let us know the amount so we'll be looking for it - and so we can thank you in advance!